Lead Generation

Give value. Create Desire. Capture leads.

Do you run a service-based business that heavily relies on leads?

Do you wear multiple hats in your business and outreach for new customers can be a total headache? Are you tired of doing physical marketing techniques such as door to door, yard signs, flyers, and etc?

Well, this problem is a common struggle within industries that rely on quality leads to increase their pipeline. 

However, that doesn’t have to be the reality in your business at all. 

We created a 5-step-system that generates consistent leads and follows up with them instantly to set the appointment and sale up for you.

Step 1: We plan, strategize your offering, and set up your Facebook marketing campaign and optimize it.

Step 2: We run the campaign. Interested customers sign up and submit their contact information to become a lead on your offer/service.

Step 3: We use special marketing tools to send their information directly to you or your sales team phone, email, or both of your choice.

Step 4: We simultaneously send a follow-up confirmation text and email to the lead’s phone alerting them that you/your team will follow up with them shortly. 

Step 5: You follow up, book the appointment, and work the sale.

Leads Generated:

0 +

Lead Results:

20 Leads, $81.82 Spent, $4.81 Per Lead.

60 Leads, $868.31 Spent, $14.47 Per Lead.

Do you need more leads for your business?